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49 Grants For Black Women That You Could Access Today



Grants are sums of money that are provided by an individual or group to another party to be used by that party to fund a particular project, activity, charitable organization, or facility. These sums of money can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. These monetary amounts can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the circumstances. Individuals, businesses, institutions of higher education, or charitable organizations are frequently the recipients of grants. It’s possible to get a grant from the government, a foundation, a trust, or even a private company. Donating money is the most fundamental aspect of this practice.

The vast majority of grants are given out to encourage or support specific activities, and the majority of grants have some kind of restriction or rule that specifies who is eligible to receive the financing. Grants are awarded to support or encourage specific activities. Many nations, including the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom, provide financial assistance in the form of grants, although this is not the case in all nations. Grants typically require applicants to submit applications, and the grants themselves are often competitively awarded. Additionally, they will frequently demand that you use the money in accordance with their guidelines and complete tasks such as conducting research, completing educational coursework, or expanding your business. This is in addition to the fact that they will frequently demand that you use the money in accordance with their guidelines. Prospective recipients of a grant are required to not only submit applications, but also grant proposals in order to be considered for the grant. The individual or organization that will be providing the grant money is given a document that is known as a grant proposal. In this document, you detail the particular job or project that you intend to use the grant funds for, and you explain why you should be awarded the grant money.

If you are unable to complete the task or project as planned, or if you become ineligible for the award at any point during the timetable, you may be required to pay back the money. If you are unable to complete the task or project as planned, you may also be required to pay back the money. For instance, if you are awarded a grant to complete a course and then later decide that you do not want to complete the course, you will no longer be eligible for the grant and may be required to pay it back. If the funds are put to use in the manner for which they were intended, the vast majority of grants do not call for any kind of repayment of the amount that was awarded. The United States federal government, with the exception of financial aid for educational expenses, does not typically give gifts to private individuals. Typically, organizations are eligible to receive funding from the federal government, and those organizations put that funding to use by carrying out activities that are either beneficial to society or are in line with the government’s vision of society.


Grants For Black Women

The most significant difference between grants and loans is that grants typically do not need to be repaid, whereas loans typically must be paid back. Repayment of loans is required. A grant, which is also known as “free money,” is given to a recipient once that recipient has either completed the conditions that are outlined in the terms and conditions of the grant or have used the funds to finish a project that was specifically funded by the grant. On the other hand, a loan is a sum of money that a recipient borrows from another person or business in exchange for future repayment of the principal amount along with interest on the loan.


There are primarily four distinct varieties of grants, which can be broken down into the following categories: competitive, formula, continuation, and pass-through.

Competitive Funding

In order to be considered for discretionary funding, also referred to as competitive funding, potential grant recipients are required to submit grant proposals. After that is complete, the reviewers will choose potential recipients for the grant based on the proposal. When determining who will be awarded the grant, the eligibility of the applicant is one of the factors that is taken into consideration; recipients are not chosen in advance. It is common practice to hold competitions in order to determine who will receive funding for research grants.

Formula Funding

The amount of money allocated through a formula is based on several factors that have been decided upon in advance. The person who came out on top in the competition will receive the prize money if and only if all of the requirements are satisfied. It is common practice in the administration of government grants to make use of formula funding in order to determine whether or not prospective businesses or applicants are eligible for the grant.

Continuation Funding

You have the option to continue receiving funding for the following year or grant period if you are eligible for continuation financing. On occasion, this kind of grant is only awarded to recipients who have previously been awarded it, while on other occasions, it is made available to recipients who have not previously been awarded it. Grants of this type are frequently awarded to individuals who intend to engage in lengthy academic or research endeavors.

Pass-through Funding

If you are eligible for continuation financing, you will have the option to continue receiving funding for the subsequent year or grant period after you have been approved for it. On some occasions, this type of grant is only given to recipients who have been awarded it in the past, while on other occasions, it is made available to recipients who have not been awarded it in the past. People who intend to engage in lengthy academic or research endeavors are typically the recipients of grants of this kind.

Grants For Black Women


Only 56% of Black women who own businesses are successful in raising capital, which means they lack the resources they require to take their companies to the next level. A significant shift has taken place in the face of business ever since the federal government, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations started providing grants specifically for black women. On the other hand, the global epidemic had an effect on business that was equally as significant. Because of this predicament, grants have become absolutely necessary as a means of assisting in the development of alternative funding for businesses. The pandemic of coronavirus has had a more devastating effect on female-owned small businesses than it has on male-owned small businesses, as reported by the United States Chamber of Commerce 2020.


If you have not been successful in obtaining a grant for a number of years despite submitting a large number of grant proposals, the application process for grants can be time-consuming and discouraging. It can be difficult to find grants to apply for, but doing so can result in significant financial advantages for Black women. In the event that you are eventually given the funds that you require, you will be able to put the money to good use in the event that you do eventually receive the funds. The greater the number of applications you submit, the better your odds will be of being selected for the position you are applying for. The following is a list of some methods that you might discover to be helpful.

The application for each grant has its own specific format, and you have to follow that format when preparing your application. It is of the utmost importance to determine whether or not you are qualified to submit an application for a grant and to be awarded one. If you are not legally qualified for a particular source of financing, you will not be able to obtain the award, which means that completing the application will cost you a lot of time and money. If you are legally qualified for the source of financing, you will be able to obtain the award. In that case, you are going to throw away both of those resources. The kind of organization that you are a part of is the first thing that needs to be determined in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for the scholarship (or whether you are applying as an individual). If you have already decided whether you will apply on behalf of your company or as an individual, then you are ready to investigate whether or not you are eligible. If you are unsure of whether or not you are eligible, you should apply either way.

Grants For Black Women

It is important for women of African descent who are considering applying for financial assistance in the form of grants or scholarships to be aware of the deadlines associated with such applications. The majority of scholarship programs require applicants to submit their applications during a specific window of time, which is typically a set number of weeks or months, in order to be considered for the money for a particular school year. This is done in order to ensure that applications are received in a timely manner. In the event that the deadline has already been reached, applicants will have to postpone the submission of their applications for another year. There are some grants that are given out on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is only one opportunity to apply for them. There is no way to get the money back once it has been spent once it has been spent.

There are an infinitesimally few numbers of scholarships out there that are able to completely cover the cost of attending a university or college. The amount that schools spend on each of these items during the course of a single school year can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Despite this, a significant number of applicants are frequently qualified for more than one scholarship. This is the case due to the many factors that are associated with their demographic profiles, such as the degree that they intend to pursue, where they live, the college or university that they intend to attend, where they grew up, how old or how young they are, how well they performed academically in high school, as well as many other factors that are associated with their demographic profiles. Talented athletes might be eligible for financial aid in the form of scholarships that are awarded based on their athletic performance.


It can be challenging to survive in this unstable economy. Black women are still the fastest-growing category of business owners in the US, despite the paucity of capital. Research by the Harvard Business Review found that Black women are more likely than white males to establish a business, with 17% of them already operating one. Before we can celebrate, the stats become bad. Even still, barely 3% of Black women own and operate successful businesses. 61% of Black, women-owned firms are self-funded, despite the fact that this percentage can fall for a number of reasons, including the type of business founded as well as racial and gender differences. Lack of access to financing makes it challenging for firms to expand and scale.

If you are a Black woman who owns a business and you have the impression that you have reached the end of your financial runway, you should know that you are not the only person who has this feeling. Think about how profitable your company is right now, even if only for a split second. Is there any chance that you could reduce the amount of money that you spend? Is it possible for your company to diversify its sources of revenue and still maintain its current level of productivity? Have you tried to get the advice and assistance of other individuals who run their own companies? If you believe that your primary problem stems from an inability to maintain stable financial circumstances. The following is a list of grant opportunities that are open to African American female business owners.

Grants For Black Women

List of Private Small-Business Grants for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Grants for women-owned businesses are provided by a few private businesses and organizations. Consider the following five: 

The Amber Grant

The Amber grant was established in honor of Amber Wigdahl, a black youngster who was nineteen years old and dreamed of starting her own company. Although Amber died before she could realize her dream, the grant established in her memory supports several young women in realizing their aspirations for success in business.

The goal of the Amber Grant is to assist minority women in realizing their goals of launching their own businesses by awarding $500 to recipients on a monthly basis. In addition, at the end of the year, an additional one thousand dollars will be awarded to one of the twelve monthly winners. This grant has been operational ever since 1998, and it is going strong even today.

This grant makes it possible for women to obtain the tools necessary for success by providing them with the assistance of mentors as well as investors. You are only required to have a concept in order to submit an application; in order to be taken into consideration, you do not even need to have any funding or a business that is already up and running.

The application itself is extremely easy to understand: Include a concise summary of your company, a plan for how you intend to put the grant money to use, as well as the application fee of $15. The advisory council of the foundation chooses the winners by looking for women who are passionate about their work and have interesting personal stories.

Because there is no minimum amount of time spent in business, this is also an excellent choice if you are looking for grants to start a business geared specifically toward women entrepreneurs. Companies based in both the United States of America and Canada are eligible.

IFundWomen Universal Grant Application Database

IFundWomen is a grant marketplace that focuses on providing funding and mentoring for businesses that are owned and operated by women. You will only need to submit one application because IFundWomen will automatically match your application to the database whenever one of our enterprise partners adds a grant.

If your company is a match, you will be notified and extended an invitation to submit an application. In the past, grant partners included companies such as Visa, Neutrogena, and American Express. Incentives in the amount of $25,000 are provided by this program to individuals who present insightful business proposals. In addition to this, they provide 100 shadow businesses with enough resources to last for 100 days.

Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Grants For Black Women

Cartier provides financial assistance in the form of grants to nine different women-owned businesses located in different parts of the world each year. The goal of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards program is to encourage early-stage businesses by focusing on a variety of development-related challenges, including those related to social and economic development as well as the environment.

The company that comes in first place receives a grant worth $100,000, the company that comes in second place receives $60,000, and the company that comes in third place receives $30,000. In addition to this, winners are provided with access to a variety of training sessions as well as executive coaching.

SoGal Black Founder Startup Grant

Across the world, the SoGal Foundation has as its goal to “reduce the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital.” Grants are given to black women as part of their objective to enable them to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Twilio, Winky Lux, twelve NYC, and blue mercury collaborate with SoGal to choose the recipients of their $10,000 and $5,000 scholarships.

In addition, awardees have unrestricted access to the SoGal Foundation staff for the rest of their lives, as well as support for fundraising with an emphasis on investor finance. Due to the fact that SoGal accepts applications on a rolling basis, you are free to send in your application through the website at any time.

Fearless Strivers Grant Contest

The Fearless Strivers Grant Contest is a competition that is co-hosted by Mastercard and the Fearless Fund. The winners of the contest are Black women entrepreneurs who own their own businesses, and they receive grants in the amount of $10,000. In addition to this, the winners will be given access to digital tools that will assist them in launching and maintaining their businesses online, as well as one-on-one mentoring from a Mastercard small-business mentor who will guide them through the process.

The Fearless Fund is the organization that is responsible for sponsoring both a national grant program as well as local grant competitions in a wide variety of cities. Your company must have fewer than fifty employees and an annual revenue of no more than three million dollars in order to be considered for this grant for small businesses. Additionally, your business must be located in the United States.

Grants For Black Women

List of Federal Small-Business Grants for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Some of the federal grants that are available to owners of small businesses are earmarked for specific initiatives, such as research and development projects or businesses located in rural areas. When receiving funding from the government, it is common practice to put that money toward something other than initial expenditures or ongoing expenditures.

On the website, the federal agencies that offer grant programs do so both generally and specifically for minority-owned businesses. The information that is posted on about these grant programs includes eligibility requirements, funding levels, and application deadlines. You can conduct a search for grants using a variety of criteria, including the industry in which you work and the department of the federal government that is providing funding for them.

A database of federally supported awards, including small business grants, is available at If you’re looking for free finance, this database is a terrific place to start, even though these awards are not only available to women-owned businesses. You must register to do business with the US government via the System for Award Management website, receive a Unique Entity ID for your company (a 12-character alphanumeric identification number), and create an account on in order to submit an application.

Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs

The organization that is in charge of facilitating the two different competitions that award funding to small businesses that contribute to federal research and development is known as the Small Business Administration (SBA). Eleven distinct government departments, such as the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, and Health and Human Services, each have their own websites where they post potential grant opportunities for businesses. Among these departments are the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, and Health and Human Services. On the website for the SBIR, you will have the opportunity to search for grants that are currently available.

In addition to meeting all of the other requirements for eligibility, you need to run a business that is profitable and does not have more than 500 employees in order to be eligible for this program. 

Program for Investors in Microentrepreneurs (PRIME)

Even though the SBA is in charge of a few different grant programs, the organization provides small businesses with access to direct grant financing on an extremely infrequent basis. However, in order for microenterprise development organizations to be able to offer training, technical assistance, and mentoring to disadvantaged microentrepreneurs, the Small Business Administration (SBA) provides federal subsidies to these organizations through the PRIME programs. These subsidies allow the organizations to provide these services to the microentrepreneurs.

These honors are open to organizations that are run for profit or not, regardless of whether they are considered private, public, local, state, or tribal in nature. The preference will be given to organizations whose primary mission is to assist small businesses that are owned and operated by women. To give just one illustration, the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation received a grant in the amount of $200,000 in the year 2021.

Grants For Black Women

List of State and Local Small-Business Grants for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Because federal funds for small businesses are limited and frequently subject to intense competition, it is possible that you will have more success finding grants for women at the state, county, or municipal level. You are going to need to do your own research if you want to find specific grant opportunities in your region. The following is a list of useful resources to get you started:

Women’s Business Centers

In order to assist female entrepreneurs with business development and access to funding, the SBA sponsors more than 100 Women’s Business Centers across the country. While some, like the California Capital Financial Development Corp., make direct loans, others can assist you in finding small-business grants and loans for which you could be eligible.

Economic Development Administration

Every state and many communities have made available to them various resources for economic development that are geared toward the promotion of robust local economies. For instance, the state of New York possesses a number of economic development districts, such as the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board, which provides assistance to regionally owned and operated businesses, both male and female, in their efforts to obtain funding from the state and the federal government.

Small Business Development Centers

There are numerous Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) supported by the SBA are located at colleges and universities across the nation. SBDCs provide free, one-on-one business counseling services, including assistance with creating a business plan, analyzing markets, and locating funding options like grants, loans for startups, and crowdsourcing.

When competing in the public and private sectors, some organizations, like the New York SBDC, provide tools expressly for women- and minority-owned businesses, such the 8(a) and Minority and Women Business Enterprise Certification. These resources can assist firms in competing on an even playing field.

Minority Business Development Agency Centers

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) manages a network of business centers across the country with the intention of assisting minority business owners in gaining access to funding, securing contracts, and developing financial strategies. You can collaborate with the MBDA business center in your neighborhood to find the best sources of funding for your company. These sources may include grants offered by the federal government, individual states, or private organizations.

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) runs another program called the Enterprising Women of Color Initiative (also known as EWOC), which provides assistance to minority women who start their own businesses. The EWOC provides women-owned businesses and businesses owned by minorities with access to a variety of resources, events, and other opportunities.

Additional choices for business grants

FedEx Small Business Grant

Grants For Black Women

FedEx actively supports startups and small companies. They run their own grant competition with significant prizes in addition to the numerous grants they support jointly with other businesses and organizations. FedEx provides 10 small enterprises with grants of up to $50,000 each year. The competition offered a total prize pool of nearly $300,000 in 2022. Additionally, prize winners get cash they can use for FedEx Office print and business services.

The application asks for information about your company, an explanation of how you plan to utilize the funds, pictures of your operation, and — optionally — a little film outlining your operation. You must run a for-profit company with fewer than 99 employees and six months of operating history in order to qualify.

Halstead Grant

This grant is for you if you love jewelry and are making a living from it. Each year, a winner receives a $7,500 grant, $1,000 worth of supplies, and individual input from all of the judges as part of this initiative, which provides significant financing for women working in the jewelry industry. Additionally, the top 5 semi-finalists and finalists may win $250 and $500, respectively.

Zions Bank Smart Women Grants

Through its Smart Women Grants program, this organization offers financial assistance. This initiative was created by Zions Bank as an expansion of its dedication to providing minority women with the tools they need to convert their ideas into profitable ventures. 

National Association for the Self-Employed Growth Grant

This non-profit trade group offers growth grants to small businesses in the amount of $4,000 that can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, marketing, and even hiring new employees.

In order to submit an application for this grant, you need to demonstrate that you have been a member of NASE in good standing for a period of at least three months. The application process is open year-round for annual members.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

Over the course of its history, the organization has contributed more than $8 million to deserving students who are furthering their education in a variety of business-related fields. The organization initially focused primarily on empowering minority women. All of the funds that were donated to the National Association of Black Accountants were distributed in the form of scholarships to individuals who were judged to be most deserving.

If you collect data on a yearly basis, you will discover that the organization gives out anywhere from 40 to 70 scholarships every single year. The amount of money that comes along with the scholarship award could range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

One of the requirements that the candidate needs to meet in order to be eligible for the funding from the organization is that they need to be a member of an ethnic minority. In addition to this requirement, the applicant must currently be enrolled in some sort of academic program. The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) has increased the number of grants available to black women by adding a new name to the list.

National Association for the Self-Employed Growth Grants (NASE)

Grants For Black Women

Are you looking for a way to make your business more successful? With the help of this incentive, black women can start their own businesses and get on the path to becoming successful entrepreneurs. They will not only receive financial assistance, but the grant will also cover the expenses incurred in the purchase of essential business supplies and equipment, such as computers, printers, and other office necessities.

To take things to the next level, the grant pays for any additional marketing materials that are required to successfully sustain a business as well as the costs that are associated with hiring part-time employees. This will allow you to take things to the next level.

Minority Business Development Agency

This program from MBDA, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, helps minorities and women in business start and expand their companies. This program offers financial assistance to budding entrepreneurs and those who are just starting out.

The MBDA offers useful details on awards that you may apply for directly through the links on their website. The agencies and organizations are an excellent resource for helping to increase the number of grants available to women and underrepresented groups.

National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

The National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) is a black-owned and -operated organization that provides grants, scholarships, and fellowships to black women who are either interested in the nursing profession or who are currently pursuing or plan to soon begin such a program.

National Physical Science Consortium

Governmental organizations and laboratories, businesses, and higher institutions have joined together to form the National Physical Science Consortium. The mission of the National Physical Sciences Coalition (NPSC) is to increase the proportion of Americans who hold graduate degrees in the physical sciences and allied engineering fields, with a focus on recruiting from a diverse candidate pool.

The NPSC has granted 467 graduate scholarships since its founding in 1989. A total of 204 of the fellows hold PhDs and 92 have MS. There are presently 66 students registered. Ninety-five percent of NPSC fellows are women, people of color, or both—groups that have traditionally had lower representation in science. Caltech, Cornell, Duke, George Washington, North Carolina State, Stanford, Texas A & M, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Maryland CP, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, and University of Wisconsin are just a few of the recent Ph.D. institutions from which alumni have graduated.

Grants For Black Women

Black Women’s Blueprint Fund (BWBF)

Women who are interested in starting businesses or organizations that address issues such as economic justice, education, police violence, and the criminal justice system are encouraged to join this non-profit organization. There is an emphasis placed on assisting black women entrepreneurs by providing funding opportunities specifically tailored to meet their needs.

The SF Women’s Entrepreneurs Fund

This fund, which is available all year round, is designed especially for women who have been running for-profit businesses for at least three years in numerous fields.

The goal of the SF Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund is to assist women in achieving their goals. The program focuses on helping women who want to launch new enterprises in various industries. You must meet the requirements to be eligible for this grant. Your company must be a for-profit company, have at least 5 employees and be in business since September 16, 2019, have annual gross receipts in 2018 or 2019 that were less than $2.5 million, and due to a closure or limited operations during the coronavirus pandemic, have witnessed a 25% reduction in revenue.

Applying is easy if you have reviewed the grant eligibility requirements and determined that you meet them. Within a few days of submitting your application, you ought to hear anything. Keep an eye on the application in case more supporting documentation is required to be submitted.

The Red Backpack Fund

Following Covid-19, the SPANX by Sara Blakely Foundation gave $5 million to female entrepreneurs in order to support their recovery and rebirth of their enterprises. They also partnered with Global Giving to create The Red Backpack Fund. A $5,000 present was given to each recipient, matching the sum Sara Blakely used to launch Spanx 20 years ago. Our culture is built on tiny businesses, and we are familiar with what it’s like to start small and have huge dreams.

The New Voices Fund

Richelieu Dennis, the founder of Shea Moisture, which is a company that makes products for both the skin and the hair, decided on a budget of one hundred million dollars for this endeavor. It was designed with the intention of being worn at the annual Essence Festival by women of African descent.

The objective of the fund is to eliminate the gender gap in entrepreneurship while simultaneously increasing the number of opportunities available to minority women who have an interest in acquiring additional information regarding new trends in the financing of businesses run by women. It also focuses on assisting them in overcoming some of the challenges that frequently arise when putting out a concept and receiving approval for funding. Specifically, the phrase “overcoming some of the difficulties that frequently arise” is used.

Grants For Black Women

United Negro College Fund

This organization is among the first to offer awards to minorities and women. Online applications are accepted from any location in the world for grants offered by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). The UNCF also offers useful connections to other groups and agencies where you can apply for funding for black women and other underrepresented groups.

This institution has been around for a while and has a history of assisting black women and other minorities in their pursuit of business funding and other endeavors they take on.

We the Culture Grant

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has made it one of its primary missions to make it possible for founders and creatives of color to gain access to the resources and funding required to bring their next big idea to life.

Those who are selected to receive funding through the We the Culture initiative will also have access to resources for learning and development, as well as support for their products. The purpose of the program is to provide Black entrepreneurs with access to one-of-a-kind opportunities for community development and partner management, in addition to assisting those entrepreneurs in the process of developing viable businesses on the platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

Gates Millennium Scholars

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program, which was started in 1999 to give deserving African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American students the chance to finish their undergraduate degrees in any field of study. The following fields of study are eligible for financing from the Gates Millennium Scholarship program: computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health, and science.

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Candidates must identify as female survivors of intimate partner abuse, have been physically separated from their abuser for at least one year but no longer than seven, and have sought assistance from a non-profit organization that offers services to survivors of intimate partner abuse for at least six continuous months in order to be eligible for the Women’s Independence Scholarship Program. In the event that a scholarship for living expenses is granted, this organization is prepared to serve as the applicant’s sponsor by serving as the student’s mentor and source of support during her academic career. It is also prepared to take money on the applicant’s behalf.

The applicant must currently be physically in the United States or one of its territories and be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or have an immigration status that qualifies her for the FAFSA. The applicant must have submitted an application for or received formal admission to an accredited program of study at a US school. Candidates who are single mothers with young children who face the most obstacles (such as daycare requirements) to successfully complete their degree are given precedence.

Grants For Black Women

Julianne Malveaux Scholarship

All African American female students majoring in journalism, economics, or another similar discipline in their junior or sophomore year of college are eligible for the Julianne Malveaux Scholarship. All Julianne Malveaux Scholarship candidates must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States of America at the time of their scholarship application, and they must be enrolled in or already attending an American institution or university. To be eligible for the Julianne Malveaux Scholarship, all applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Congressional Black Caucus Spouses

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Spouses are comprised of the wives and husbands of the African American members of the United States Congress. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to public policy, research, education, and leadership development. The CBC Spouses association is a part of this organization. The Spouses have been establishing educational and training opportunities for high school and college students for more than 25 years in collaboration with philanthropic sponsors. The CBC Spouses created the foundation for the creation of the fellowship and internship programs run by the CBCF, and in 1988 they launched their first educational award programs. Since then, they have given meritorious students more than $9 million in scholarships.

The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts

YoungArts acknowledges and recognizes up-and-coming artists in nine fields of the visual, literary, and performing arts: cinematic arts, dance, jazz, music, photography, theatre, visual arts, voice, and writing. This YoungArts offers grants to African American women who are involved in the creative arts in any way. Collaboration with their Young Arts Curriculum has allowed for the creation of this program.

Before being considered for membership in this illustrious organization, talented artists between the ages of 15 and 18, which corresponds to the 10th and 12th grades in the United States, are required to first compete against one another in a demanding application process. A blind adjudication process is used to evaluate the applications, which are reviewed by renowned artist panels that are specific to various disciplines. Winners of YoungArts receive significant monetary awards of up to $10,000, opportunities to speak at prestigious institutions, and the option to study with eminent artists and mentors in their first year. Winners represent the top 10% of applicants.

By participating in the YoungArts program, these up-and-coming creatives have the opportunity to be selected as Presidential Scholars in the Arts by the United States of America. Each year, YoungArts will present the Commission with up to sixty awardees that they believe should be considered for the position of United States Presidential Scholar in the Arts. The Commission will narrow the pool of candidates down to twenty individuals.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation

This famous institution, Alpha Kappa Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF), offers awards for community service, business grants, fellowships, and scholarships to support African American women. The initiative strives to close economic inequalities and give participants access to possibilities and financial freedom to augment the funding options for their education.



Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority National Education Fund

This education foundation is committed to supporting causes that improve the economic security of African American women and other minority groups, as well as increase their access to higher education. In order to assist African American women in achieving their academic and professional goals, the organization provides financial assistance in the form of grants.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority National Educational Foundation, Inc

The National Educational Foundation of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. encourages higher education success through scholarships and to perform community education programs and related research to raise living standards for both individuals and communities. The Foundation awards scholarships each year to deserving undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing higher education.

Additionally, this organization provides grants for fellowships and scholarships to black women who are enrolled in or pursuing higher education degrees. The Zeta Phil Sorority Grants are determined by the applicant’s requirements. 

The Society of Women Engineers

the network of female engineers who have come together to provide financial aid and other educational opportunities to underrepresented groups, particularly other women and minorities. The mission of the program is to provide members of the African American community with access to educational and other opportunities.

Enterprising Women of Color (EWOC)

The EWOC was established by the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). This program, in essence, is a response to the growing number of minority women entrepreneurs who are generating money for families, local communities, and the country as a whole.

By providing grants to start-up business owners to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions, the MBDA seeks to assist every woman in realizing her economic potential.

Graduate Fellowships for Stem Diversity (GFSD)

GFSD was formerly known as the National Physical Science Consortium. It is a partnership between various government organizations and laboratories, private industry, and educational institutions of higher learning. These fellowships and grants are open to black women who are interested in furthering their education in the physical sciences and getting a doctoral degree.

Therefore, those who are awarded grants will be given a spending allowance of $200,000 to use throughout the duration of their grant.

Lowe’s Small Business Relief Grant


Grants of $52.6 million have been awarded through the Lowe’s Small Business Relief Grant. 67% of these small companies are run by women. Therefore, registered business owners who need financial support to expand their enterprises can readily receive grants. The fund also provides as a source of knowledge and direction to assist small business owners in navigating the pandemic and remaining afloat.

SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund

If you run a restaurant then you can apply for this SBA grant, a food truck, or any other business related to food. Application procedures are easy to follow. In a nutshell, you will have to disclose information about your company and how the epidemic has impacted it. Only women, veterans, and those who are economically and socially disadvantaged are eligible for this grant.

The grant, however, is only offered for a brief period of time. Therefore, we suggest that you start working on your application as soon as possible.

Black Girl Ventures

BGV serves as a launchpad for the businesses of black female entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform. Both financial and social capital are made available to black female entrepreneurs through the platform. In a nutshell, the goal is for them to be successful in achieving the goals that they have set for their business.

In addition, business tools, community connections, and mentoring are some of the other resources that are made available to black women entrepreneurs through the use of this website.

Female Founders Fund

The institutional finance sources for female entrepreneurs are Female Founders Fund. The enterprise value of the fund, which has been raised to approximately three billion dollars, represents a significant financial opportunity for female entrepreneurs from minority groups and black communities who are in need of financial support in order to turn their dreams into a reality. The fund is an excellent resource for women entrepreneurs who are starting businesses in the technology sector.

Verizon Small Business Recover Fund


$7.5 million has been provided by the Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund to assist small businesses. Particularly to individuals affected by the pandemic who live in previously disadvantaged communities. In actuality, the fund has already awarded 777 small business awards totaling $10,000. Women own more than half of these small enterprises.

First Women Grant Program

If you are a Black woman entrepreneur and are 21 or older than that, you would consider for this grant program. As part of the First Women campaign, Jane Walker and IFundWomen will be funding a total of 30 women-owned businesses. Each recipient will receive a $10,000 grant plus a one-year IFundWomen Annual Coaching Membership.

Jane Walker doubled the program’s initial 15 grants and provide financing for an additional 15 ground-breaking women-owned enterprises. Businesses from the fields of entertainment & film, music, sports, journalism, STEM, and hospitality will be chosen to partner with a network of influential figures as they pursue a historic first.

NCR-SARE Grant Program

The mission of the NCR-SARE Grant program is to provide financial assistance to farmers who have a financial interest in the agriculture industry. The grant program was established to support funding initiatives designed for people starting or already operating farming businesses who require grants to expand and succeed in their endeavors. The program was established to grant funding to support funding initiatives.

The application process can easily be accessed and completed online. With the assistance of the funding program, you will be able to acquire the appropriate perspective. If they are also looking for additional funding opportunities, Black farmers can investigate the following grant programs, which are available to them regardless of where they live.

Minority Business Enterprise Grant Application

In Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, a municipal grant program provides cash to support small companies run by Black and Latinx people. The Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) award fund is dedicated to enhancing minority-owned companies’ commercial performance, employee retention, and job development.

To provide technical assistance to MBEs relating to capital access, the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is looking for ideas to run the MBDA Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Equity Multiplier Project. Through capacity building, preparing minority company leaders for venture capital, facilitating access to equity and venture investment and investors, and fostering job growth, this project seeks to diversify the economy and promote economic prosperity for minority business leaders.

Firelight Media Grant

Those who enjoy making movies, talk shows, and other forms of creative media for the general public can apply for funding through the Firelight Media Grant program. This program is open to people of color and those from underrepresented groups in the media. This funding program has the potential to open up additional doors of opportunity for Black entrepreneurs operating businesses in the media and entertainment industries.

The process begins with you submitting an application for the grants in which you are interested and continues with you ensuring that you supply all of the relevant data as outlined on the website. The application process begins with you submitting an application for the grants in which you are interested. The Firelight Media Grant program also provides helpful information to anyone who is participating in the media campaign to change the way minorities are currently portrayed in the film industry. This support can be provided to anyone who is involved in the campaign.


Build Your Legacy

At a time when running a business is harder than ever, the Build Your Legacy is turning up to help Black female entrepreneurs. One black woman entrepreneur can receive $100,000 through the Essence and PineSol Build Your Legacy grant.

Along with the grant, Nicole Walters, a successful businesswoman, will mentor you for six months in business. Their website also provides beneficial video tutorials for any woman who runs a business.

NBMBAA Scale-Up Pitch Challenge

The National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) hosts a Scale-Up Pitch Challenge each year to give its members a chance to get money.

Their yearly awards include a:

  • 1st place award of $50,000
  • 2nd place award of $10,000
  • 3rd place award of $7,500
  • People’s choice award of $1,000

To be eligible to apply for this grant money, you must meet certain standards, the candidates must be NBMBAA members, the company must have at least 50 percent black ownership, candidates must be US citizens and at least 18 years old, the business concepts that are proposed must be in their infancy.


Oprah Winfrey is widely regarded as one of the most successful black women entrepreneurs in the annals of human history. Her company is one of the most well-known brands in the world. During the course of her professional life, she has developed into a well-known figure in the field of business. She is in a position to provide advice to newly established businesses regarding the ways in which they can advance their operations because of the extensive experience and influence she has garnered over the course of her career. What is the one thing that, out of everything else, she would recommend the most highly? Always make it a point to surround yourself with people who are willing to make an investment in your goals and who have faith in both you and your capabilities. This will help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your objectives.

The road to financial success can be a long and arduous one for black women entrepreneurs who want to build prosperous businesses, and this road can be especially challenging to travel. Nevertheless, there are a few essential pieces of guidance that, if adhered to, can make the journey a little bit less difficult. If you follow these guidelines, the journey will be less difficult. First and foremost, you must have faith, not only in yourself but also in the concept that you are working with. This is an unquestionable requirement. It is not an easy task to start a new business, and you should be prepared to face skepticism at every turn.

On the other hand, if you do not have faith in your own ideas, then no one else will either. Nobody will listen to you. Second, learn to control your anxiety and do not be afraid to seek assistance when you are in a position where you truly require it. There is a wide variety of assistance available on the market, such as grants and incubators, that can be chosen from by newly established businesses.

If you are a black woman who is an entrepreneur, you are well aware that in order to launch and grow a successful business, it requires a significant amount of hard work, dedication, and tenacity on your part. If you are an entrepreneur, you are also well aware that you are the only person who can make this happen.


Business Tips for New Entrepreneurs

The following is a list of pieces of guidance that, should you choose to follow them, will be of assistance to you on your journey:

  1. Have faith in yourself and the goals that you’ve set for yourself to accomplish. If someone tries to convince you that the goals you have set for yourself are either too ambitious or impossible to achieve, you should not give them the satisfaction of your attention because it will give them the impression that they have succeeded. You should never stop giving it your all, and you should never, ever give up no matter what the situation is. If you put your whole being into working toward the accomplishment of your goals, there is no limit to what you will be able to accomplish if you have the right frame of mind.
  2. If you are looking for mentors and role models that you can aspire to be like, one of the best ways to do so is to look at successful black women who own businesses. This is because these women have already proven that they can be successful in their own right. Oprah Winfrey is a wonderful example of someone who has been very successful in her personal and professional life. Her list of accomplishments is quite long. Due to the fact that she has personal experience with the subject matter, her narrative can serve both as a source of inspiration and as a guide for others who are also working toward the realization of their own ambitions.
  3. Black female entrepreneurs have access to a wide variety of grant opportunities, from which they can select the one that best suits their needs. It is essential to take into account the fact that some of these grants are funded by the government, while others are supported financially by private organizations. It is an absolute requirement that adequate research be carried out, and that applicants submit applications for the maximum number of grants for which they are eligible. Your chances of being selected to receive funding from one of the grants for which you have applied will increase in direct proportion to the number of grants for which you have submitted an application.

If you are a black woman entrepreneur and you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself.

Tips to Grow Your Business

Here are some ways to improve your business ideas.

An efficient method for growing one’s clientele and one’s business is to center one’s efforts on satisfying the requirements of one’s customers. Find out what your customers need and what they want, and then do your best to give it to them. Once you’ve done that, you may move on to the next step. You can also expand your company by broadening the kind of customers you cater to or by expanding the range of products that you currently have available. In addition, it is crucial to maintain financial order inside your company in order to ensure that you have access to the resources that are necessary for expansion. This may be accomplished by ensuring that you have a healthy cash flow. In the end, but certainly not least, you should ensure that you have a capable set of individuals working with you to achieve your goals.

  1. The first step in growing your business is to identify the areas in which you need assistance the most so that you may focus on developing those areas. Once you have an idea of what it is that you need, you can then begin the process of seeking for the suitable resources to meet your needs.
  2. When it comes to growing an existing company, there are a few primary considerations that need to be kept in mind at all times. To begin with, an individual must always be adaptable and ready to make modifications whenever new conditions are presented. You need to ensure that you have a clear vision and objective for your firm. This is the most important step. In conclusion, make it a top goal to cultivate a positive environment throughout the entirety of your firm.
  3. Growing an existing company requires a commitment of both time, and work, but in the long term, the benefits more than make up for the initial outlay. You will be able to do incredible things if you continue to put in a lot of effort and don’t forget to keep your focus on where you want to end up.


Utilizing social media platforms allows you to locate a community of other business owners who can provide assistance to you in the expansion of your company. There are a great number of online forums that business owners can join in order to support one another, share resources, and provide one another with advice. Popular online communities include websites like Reddit, Growth Hackers, and, to name just three examples. Twitter and LinkedIn are two great resources that can be used to learn about different professional communities online. You can find conversations that are relevant to you on Twitter by using hashtags, and you can join groups on LinkedIn that are related to your interests if you use that platform. Twitter is an excellent platform for connecting with people who share your interests and are interested in establishing a business. If this sounds like you, then you should definitely check it out. Users of Twitter can discover communities of people who are sharing information and resources on how to start and run a small business by searching for hashtags such as #smallbusiness or #entrepreneur. These searches will bring up posts that users have made. The hashtags listed here are utilized frequently within online communities. These communities are able to provide assistance and advice, in addition to the possibility of making connections with individuals who may be able to assist with the development of a concept for a business.

Make an effort to get in touch with people who work in your field and ask them for advice and direction. There are a great number of seasoned business professionals out there who would be more than happy to share some of their knowledge with new entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the world of business. A guide or mentor can help you avoid making common mistakes, ensure that you stay on track with your goals, and ensure that you are making the most of the resources that are available to you.

If you want to be successful, one of the most important things you can do is to ensure that the goals you set are realistic given your current level of ability. If you follow these steps, achieving your objectives will be a lot less difficult, and you will have a much better chance of being successful. You will be able to achieve this goal if you first become aware of your strengths and then actively seek out situations in which you can put those strengths to use in your day-to-day activities. If your public speaking abilities are among your strongest assets, you might want to give some thought to taking on a leadership role at your place of employment or in your community, for example. You also have the option of starting a blog or contributing to a publication if you are a good writer and have the ability to do so. Both of these possibilities are worthy of serious consideration. If you make use of your strengths in this way, you will be able to accomplish more in your work, and the work that you do will provide you with a greater sense of fulfillment as a result.

If you are willing to put in the effort, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to and direct your attention toward. I want you to know that you have the capability of achieving anything that you set your mind to and direct your attention toward. You have an incredible amount of strength and resilience, and if you put your mind to it and put in sufficient effort, you are capable of accomplishing anything that you set your sights on. If you put your mind to it and put in sufficient effort, you can accomplish anything that you set your sights on. If you put in a sufficient amount of effort. Ignore anyone who tries to convince you otherwise; do not pay attention to what they have to say because you are an amazing and powerful person. Ignore anyone who tries to convince you otherwise.


It is of the utmost importance for black women to believe in themselves and to understand that they are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to. If they do this, they will be successful in all aspects of their lives. Should they carry out these steps, they will achieve success in every facet of their lives. You are a beautiful, strong, and powerful Black woman, and you should never forget any of these things about yourself, nor should you ever doubt your capabilities. You should also never forget that you are a powerful Black woman. They are the pillars upon which our society is built, and they hold the power to bring about fundamental shifts on a continental or even a global scale. You have the ability to achieve success in anything you put your mind to, so quit putting things off and start making them happen!


Investors have recently realized that it is generally a better choice to put their money into companies that are managed by women because it reduces the risk of financial loss. The results of a study that was carried out by BCG and Mass Challenge indicate that female business owners have a more difficult time gaining access to venture financing despite the fact that they bring in more revenue. Even though it might be harder for black women entrepreneurs to obtain a small business loan or other sources of capital, the success of their businesses will not be hindered in any way by this obstacle. The more assistance they get, the better their chances will be that they will be successful. There is a direct correlation between the two. The more successful they are, the more of a valuable contribution they will be able to make to the global supply of goods and services as a result of their success.

One of the reasons why black women can accomplish anything they set their minds to is because they have persistently overcome obstacles and prevailed against opposition over the course of several generations. This has made it possible for black women to accomplish anything they set their minds to. This demonstrates that black women living in today’s society have the potential to achieve success in any field and serve as models for generations that will come after them. Not only are black women incredibly tough and resilient, but they also have the capacity to achieve virtually anything they set their minds to doing.

There has never been a point in history when it was impossible for black women to achieve success, and this has not changed. They never fail to exceed expectations and accomplish incredible things. This demonstrates that black women in today’s society are capable of achieving any goal they set their minds to, regardless of the environment in which they live. They are capable of achieving success in any endeavor, and they have the ability to act as models for subsequent generations. They have the potential to achieve success in any endeavor. The accomplishments of powerful black women should serve as an example for all of us to try to emulate if we want to be successful. Best of luck!

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