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Representative Stacey E. Plaskett


Representative Stacey E. Plaskett is now representing the territory of the United States Virgin Islands as the congresswoman-at-large for the United States Virgin Islands in the United States Congress. She has completed a total of four terms in the House of Representatives since she was first elected there.

Representative Plaskett was unanimously selected for appointment by the members of the House Steering and Policy Committee to serve in the 117th Congress on the House Committee on Ways and Means, which is the oldest and one of the most exclusive committees in the House. The members of this committee voted unanimously to make this appointment. In January of 2019, Representative Plaskett will begin serving on the House Committee on Ways and Means in the capacity of a full member. Mrs. Plaskett is only the fourth African-American woman to be appointed to this committee, and she is also the first member to originate from a territory that is a part of the United States. Therefore, her appointment holds a special place in the annals of history.

She is now in the midst of her fourth term as the Chairperson of the House Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing research initiatives. Mrs. Plaskett, who was recently named to the House Committee on Budget, is a member of the panel for the first time. Plaskett has previously been a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform as well as the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Both of these committees are concerned with transportation and infrastructure. Mrs. Plaskett is not only a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the House Blockchain Caucus, but she also serves as the co-chair of the Infrastructure Taskforce and is an at-large Leadership Member for the New Democrat Coalition. In addition to these roles, she is also a member of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus. In addition to that, the New Democrat Coalition counts her as a member. Representative Plaskett, who also serves as the group’s co-chair, is the person primarily responsible for the leadership of the Congressional Caribbean Caucus.

Mrs. Plaskett was a member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure during the time that she advocated for the construction of essential infrastructure in the United States Virgin Islands and other insular places, as well as the allocation of funds and support for revitalization efforts in economically disadvantaged rural and urban regions. Congresswoman Plaskett, a former attorney who specialized in public finance law, understands the advantages of public-private partnerships and has worked hard to develop creative and efficient strategies to boost economic growth in underdeveloped areas of the United States. Mrs. Plaskett advocated for additional federal help to be delivered to regions of the United States that had been devastated by natural disasters while she was sitting on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Stacey E. Plaskett

During her time as a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Mrs. Plaskett has held positions on a number of different subcommittees, including Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit, Livestock, and Foreign Agriculture. This is identical to the situation described above. In addition to this, she has served as the chairperson of the Agriculture subcommittee, which is the one with the most members, and has also presided over the Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research committees. Representative Plaskett has made use of the positions that she occupies on these panels in order to fight for higher funding for rural development initiatives that are comparable to those that have been implemented in the Virgin Islands and in other regions of the world. The construction of public infrastructure, the expansion of access to broadband internet, and the facilitation of the growth of small enterprises are some examples of these projects. Mrs. Plaskett has been a stalwart supporter of the preservation of programs that extend a helping hand to working families who are in need of assistance.

Representatives Ritchie Torres and Marilyn Strickland joined Representative Plaskett in establishing the Congressional Caucus on Black Innovation. CCBI stands for the Congressional Caucus on Black Innovation (WA-10). Increase Black economic sustainability, ownership, and mobility; promote the inclusion of Black creators and innovators in the economy; and promote the inclusion of Black creators and innovators in the economy. These are the goals of the group that has been formed to accomplish these things. On behalf of the Black innovation community, Rep. Plaskett and the other co-chairs of the CCBI will lobby on behalf of the Black innovation community to improve the technical, creative, economic, and social outcomes in all sectors, with a particular emphasis on fintech, artificial intelligence, and the future of work. In addition, the CCBI will lobby on behalf of the Black innovation community to increase the number of Black innovators in the United States. This initiative is a subset of the larger purpose of the CCBI, which seeks to enhance the Black innovation community.

The House of Representatives came to the decision that former President Donald J. Trump should be impeached for “incitement of insurrection” after the assault and insurrection that took place on January 6, 2021 at the United States Capitol. The unsuccessful efforts of President Trump to change the results of the presidential election in 2020 and his promotion of conspiracy theories about voting fraud on social media before, during, and after the election set the stage for these events to unfold. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has chosen Stacey Plaskett to serve as one of the nine impeachment managers who will be in charge of the prosecution of President Trump in the United States Senate. This post reports to the Speaker of the House. Plaskett was chosen to be one of the managers who would respond to the questions that were made by the United States Senators, and he provided one of the most in-depth accounts of the events that took place that day. On one of the days, this took place at various points throughout the course of the proceedings. There are a great number of knowledgeable people and members of the general public who are of the opinion that her testimony was the most persuasive of all that was produced in court throughout the entirety of the trial. Stacey Plaskett, who was also the only person of African origin in the Senate Chamber at the time of the trial, testified as the lone witness.

For her undergraduate education, Mrs. Plaskett received a degree from Georgetown University, and for her legal education, she received a degree from the American University Washington College of Law. She has a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Congresswoman Plaskett began her career in public service as an Assistant District Attorney in the office of the Bronx District Attorney in the beginning of her career. Later, she worked her way up to the position of Senior Counsel at the Department of Justice, where she reported to both Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson and his successor, James Comey. In addition to her work with the government body that is responsible for encouraging economic growth in the most distant portion of United States territory, she has experience working as both a general counsel and a transactional attorney for a variety of enterprises located on the Virgin Islands.

Stacey Buckney-Small is not only the mother of three children who are now adults but also the mother of two children who are still young; she is also the wife of Jonathan Buckney-Small. Reading, cooking, and keeping up with current events are all things that they like doing in their spare time.

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