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Representative Lucy McBath


Lucy McBath is currently serving as a member of Congress in addition to her many other roles, including that of mother, wife, author, and activist.

On the day of Black Friday in the year 2012, Jordan Davis, who is McBath’s son, was riding shotgun in the rear of a vehicle that belonged to a friend at a petrol station. Someone pulled up next to them in their vehicle and started yelling about how “loud the music” was. The assassin who was after Jordan managed to kill him by shooting him three times before he was ultimately successful in his mission to end Jordan’s life.

Following Jordan’s passing, McBath resolved to make it her life’s work to alleviate the suffering caused by the loss of a child for other families so that they do not have to go through what she did.

McBath made the decision to leave Delta Airlines after a career spanning thirty years in order to take on the role of spokesman, faith and outreach leader, and community organizer for the gun control organizations Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. His tenure at Delta Airlines spanned the first ten years of his life.

McBath made the choice to run for Congress in the same year that the horrific event that took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2017, in which 17 students and faculty members were killed, prompted him to make the decision.

Since he took the oath of office at the beginning of the new year, Representative McBath (Democrat of Baltimore) has been putting in a lot of effort to find ways to decrease the amount of gun violence, improve conditions for small businesses and the economy, better serve and protect veterans, and bring down the cost of health care and prescription pharmaceuticals. These are all goals that he has set for himself. In addition to this, he has been looking into several ways that the economy and circumstances for small enterprises might be improved.

Lucy McBath

Representative McBath is well aware of the need to protect people who have pre-existing conditions and to ensure that all Americans have access to healthcare that is of a high quality and costs a reasonable amount. As someone who has twice overcome breast cancer, she is well aware of the necessity of protecting people who have pre-existing conditions. McBath voted in favor of House Resolution 1425, also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act. This piece of legislation is a piece of legislation that seeks to expand access to health insurance for people who have had pre-existing conditions in the past. McBath voted in favor of this piece of legislation. Hearing aid coverage legislation that ultimately became part of H.R. 3 (the Lower Drug Costs Now Act) had McBath as its lead sponsor. This legislation was ultimately included in the bill. This groundbreaking and cross-party initiative will bring down the prices of drugs, prevent pharmaceutical companies from taking advantage of vulnerable populations, and reinvest billions of dollars into the research and development of novel cures.

In addition to this, McBath has made it one of his top priorities to protect local companies by working to pass legislation like the Paycheck Protection Program and the Health Care Enhancement Act. The passage of these legislation would result in improvements to the Paycheck Protection Program, an increase in funding for SBA disaster financing, and the assurance that more small companies would be eligible to receive the financial assistance they require in the case of a natural catastrophe. Because McBath is of the opinion that small enterprises are the driving force behind the success of the American economy, he has made this a top priority.

In August of 2019, Representative McBath, who was the key architect of the HAVEN Act, was present as President Trump signed the bill into law. Representative McBath was present because he was the primary architect of the bill. The bipartisan piece of legislation that has been referred to as the “largest measure enacted by a rookie this Congress” was given that designation by the Washington Post. The phrase “biggest measure enacted by a rookie this Congress” has been used in several contexts. During her first year serving in Congress, she has been referred to as “an successful politician” and “one of the House Democratic Caucus’ most prominent voices.” Both of these accolades have been bestowed upon her.

The landmark Higher Education Act, which aimed to raise academic standards, reduce the cost of higher education, and increase access for students throughout the United States, included five of McBath’s initiatives to safeguard the education of our children. The goals of the act were as follows: raise academic standards; reduce the cost of higher education; increase access for students throughout the United States. The statute was amended to include these measures as a means of ensuring that our children receive the very best education that is now available.

In addition, in December of 2019, McBath presented legislation that would streamline the procedures of data gathering at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as boost epidemic preparedness. This legislation would have been bipartisan in nature. She made the request back in March, and she was successful in getting the approval for the $500 million that was needed for the COVID-19 support package.

She also successfully fought for the first increase in government funding for gun violence prevention research in the past twenty years. As a result of her efforts, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health will each receive $25 million. Her efforts were rewarded.

One of the most important goals that Representative McBath has set for herself is to try to obtain funding from the federal government for Georgia’s sixth congressional district. In Cobb County, he was instrumental in securing a grant of $5 million to pay for the Akers Mill ramp project, and he also supported a grant that was authorized in November 2019 to bolster security at Temple Emanu-El in Sandy Springs. Both grants will be used to improve safety measures. The terms of both grants will be put into effect during the next few months.

The Congresswoman will always be recognized primarily as Jordan’s mother, despite the fact that she occupies the esteemed position of representing Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. This is because Jordan is the Congresswoman’s son.

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